Mount Macleod 2010 Pinot Noir

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This Pinot Noir is from Gippsland Victoria, not the usual place in Australia for Pinot Noir but still cold enough to create a good enough environment for the tricky Pine black grape.

When I think of Gippsland I envisage tall gums and dense forest, ten canoes kind of atmosphere the kind of place to truly make you zone out with ambient music and imagine pre-colonial Australia.  (all while in a warm bath of course).

I have tried this Pinot Noir the 2009 incarnation and for $17.60 and I was pleasantly surprised the cinnamon and sweet cherry flavors are something I always look for in a Pinot  so I had an open mind for Mount Macleod Pinot Noir 2010.

The 2010 incarnation is interesting,  It never ceases to amaze me the subtle changes in Pinot noir from year to year the complex matrix of events that can make or break a good wine are truly staggering.

This particular wine is a good example of this, it has similar flavors but the cinnamon is more relaxed and the tomato is more forward there is a lack of sharp whippy like flavors that snap into your palate like a springbox thumping and jumping exciting the senses.  It has a new feel a bubbly fresh fruity feel. It’s youth  makes it flirtatious  in a way that is peppery and spicy.

This lacks the complex variety of flavors that winemakers love and probably why it has its low price tag.

However this is a great wine to just have on a Friday after a long and difficult week or one just to drink while you cook tea.

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