Old Rosie Cloudy Cider


Recently I have had a few bad experiences with cider and I thought it prudent to help my fellow cider appreciator to decipher the wheat from the chaff.

Old Rosie, plays on the old ‘wacky but cool’  marketing  taken up by so many vineyards these days.  According the back of the label in the part that is not in some strange eastern European language, it is named after an Aveling and porter steam roller that was loved by everybody in the Weston’s family. What the hell this steam roller has to do with cider has got me beat, unless of course it was used to roll over the apples to make the cider.

Cider, I have learnt now from old Rosie probably does not suit being aged in an Oak vat, the result is having something that tastes like an apple that is fried in bacon fat.

The smoky flavors are so strong that it overwhelms any subtle taste of the apple which is a shame because the apples do seem to have a very nice flavor that could make a well established brand like Magners hide in a small cave somewhere. It also should be mentioned that old Rosie make a jug that looks like something that any redneck from some mountain district be proud of. The jug is original in a kooky way and if you showed up at a posh type party with one of these jugs people would get a few laughs and the girls would instantly sleep with you.  Unless of course you had a mullet and played the banjo.

This is quite strong it’s 7.3% and It took not long for me to feel pretty happy on this stuff, also this is an English cider something I feel slightly guilty about drinking while the ashes is on.

This Cider would be good at a party when you wanted to get tanked really fast, but wanted a yuppie enough drink to make you look different and alternative that is if you can get past the smoky flavor.

One thought on “Old Rosie Cloudy Cider

  1. I’ve had some interesting flavor experiences consuming oak aged beverages that aren’t wine, and especially memorable among them the Scottish beer Innis & Gunn. The label may call for a hint of ‘toffee, vanilla and oak’, but what they’ve neglected to mention is the incredibly rich taste that makes it seem like you’re taking a bite out of a stick of butter. The closest you will ever get to Hogwarts butterbeer – worth the experience, though you may not make it your go-to beer for the weekend.

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