Django Django self titled album 2012


This is one of those rare times when I was around to hear this band first being played on triple J and witness people first starting to get into them. When this happens you have a special feeling like you have personally adopted the band and have are in it with them for the long run. The first song I heard of Djangos Djangos is Default, which was flogged at first a little by Triple J probably for good reason because it’s a very catchy but albeit poppy tune. Once you jig and wade your way past Default, the Django django music-scape descends – dreamy beautiful foot tapping melodies, soundtracks to life kind of thing.

Django django are from Scotland but have a Beach boys melody, Beck’s funky dirty country grunge feel, the Dandy Warhol’s zest and a slight touch of Radiohead for good luck.

There is something very 60’s about Django django but in a very approachable way for someone like myself who cannot bring themselves to actually listen to a real beach boy album in fear of having to admit I like the same music as my dad.  I have had a good year to marinate in the experience of Django django and I feel comfortable under the sails of the beautiful melodies that emanate in the general direction of Django Django.


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