Tomb Raider 2013


I hovered over this Xbox game to download many times, but I hesitated mainly because of Angelina Jolie. I have never played any of the earlier games and I hated the movie with a passion.

This was a flaw in my thinking, and this game turned out to be pretty awesome.

Here a very young but radically different looking Lara Croft is a budding young archaeologist searching with a team for the fabled island of Yamatai.

Lara is younger and has reduced breasts, her features are more subtle, she is more pixie like and lovable.  She is also unbelievably tough and in this game I became startled a few times with some of the substantial trials poor Lara has to go through.

The Island itself is beautiful and has the clear crispness of the far-cry series, something that was a joy to discover. The story line is interesting but it isn’t particularly deep or have many layers to it, it’s firmly an adventure game and the island is to shoot things and to explore.

There are plenty of ropes and things to climb and when you have been playing it for a while it begins to feel like a giant jungle Gym for adults. The weapons are pretty cool, there are not too many and it’s fairly standard fare. Each weapons can be modded when Lara finds ‘cargo’ around the island. Probably the best weapon is the bow and its relatively easy to mod your weapons up to their top level before the end of the game.

The enemies are a little dull, and they are worst part of the game. The AI is not very good and it’s the old story of ‘overhearing’ odd conversations between guards. This game also has a few ‘bosses’. The tombs are challenging but rather short boring things which I found a little odd seeing is the whole game is called  ‘Tomb Raider’.

Mostly I could not pull myself away from this game, I rushed through this game like an excited kid eager to see each new level. The only disappointment was I finished the game so quickly that I lacked to time to slowly enjoy every corner of the beautiful landscape. When the game was over and I re-entered the level  I felt like a child at a fun park but all the rides where closed.

The game is a great one the characther of Lara croft is revived and strong as ever, and the game looks fantatstic as the shift between scenes becomes seamless and I am filled with excitement as we enter a new era of gaming.

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