Hungry Kids of Hungary -Your a Shadow


I have heard these guys on triple J for a while, but I didn’t take much notice. I only really sat up and took notice when they did a live performance on Rockwiz, (SBS) They did the headline ‘When yesterdays gone’.

I just had one of those moments and fell in love with Hungry Kids of Hungary.

There was something about the lucidity of the song, the lightness of it. The vocals on Rockwiz where pretty admirable, the performance was clear and so polished.

A close friend cynically told me they where part of the ‘pointy shoe brigade’ whatever that means.

There is a real Aussie University band feel, they made me feel like I did when I used to get into Custard or the Fauves. There are just little itty tiny bits of influences here that are so hard to sift out. I could just fathom Supertramp, Supergrass, and Custard.  This feels like indie 20 years on but without the blood sweat and morphine, it’s hipster Indie pop.

It is strong on melody, the songs are catchy and there has been plenty of time thinking about the lyrics. Some of the songs on the album are a little slow, but they have a dreamy quality that keeps you listening.

This is a nice hotel and I am comfortable. It is decorated in a modern tasteful fashion there’s some marks on the floor I feel profoundly depressed but it’s o.k because the mini-bar is well stocked.

A killer third album might make me stay longer, something which every single track drives home their place in Australian music.

2 thoughts on “Hungry Kids of Hungary -Your a Shadow

  1. Nice writing. These guys are so underrated, It really is unbelievable. Often thrown straight into the ‘hipster’ category without thought. I heard that this album is really about one of their friends who was murdered.

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