Cerveza Pacifico Clara

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I am sitting on a beach in Cuba and I have a dozen Cerveza Pacifico empties surrounding me.

It’s a bright blue sky, sweat drips from my forehead,  I have Jazz mambo playing in the background. No it’s winter in Australia, I am in a Mexican themed yuppie takeaway dreaming about Mexico.

Mexico seems so far away for Aussies, it’s not just geographical but a cultural space. Australian culture is so far from Mexico’s that even something simple as a Mexican beer will send us into a dream space. Maybe that explains all the Mexican restaurants popping up in Australia.

Cerveza Pacifico seems to be the Victoria bitter of Mexican beer, it has little flavor. Victoria Bitter has, no excuses…but I don’t know any Mexicans nor have I been to Mexico so I search for other reasons.

Some Latin alcohol has the bass up and the treble down, it prefers the whole palate not the high notes.

The beer is good if you have really really spicy food, it is the perfect washer-down. It serves the same kind of purpose as Guacamole, to cleanse the palate of that spicy hot sting.

The beer is a 50’s travel poster…drink these have a good time don’t think about the flavor.


Is this America’s Cuba in the 50’s, is it rum dairies, Budweiser Latin style. Is Cerveza Pacifico like Fosters? After all it is imported by Fosters.

Nobody in Australia drinks Fosters and it has no flavor or cultural identity in Australia, but outside Australia everyone thinks we are Foster swilling sun loving people.

Is this Cerveza Pacifco Clara, just cardboard cutout a travel poster for Mexico?

Is this all cactus and sombreros, I don’t know, but I went back for another and was surrounded by empties as I contemplated all these things.

4 thoughts on “Cerveza Pacifico Clara

    1. I will have a look around for it, tell me am I correct in my thinking about Cerveza Pacifico? I got no idea for all I know it is Mexico’s favorite beer.

      1. I’m not sure what the actual favourite is here. There’s a lot of corona / victoria / modelo negro & especial knocking around, tough to say which is the nations favourite.

  1. Haven’t been to Mexico myself, though I know Pacifico is a fridge staple among my American friends. I’m sure they drink enough to keep the export business profitable as well.

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