The Twerps – The Twerps


I was staring up into the sky watching the clouds slowly pass by in the supermarket car park, I felt like a teenager waiting for my mum.

People meandered around with shopping trolleys ‘Dreamin’ was playing and I drifted off completely to another place, I was doing precisely what the song wanted me to.

The Twerps have a powerful mix of sounds, the guitar reminds me of Joy division it’s heavy and laconic the twanging feels loose and easy. Like with Joy division the guitar seems just out of tune, giving a sound that is intentionally askew but also intently original.

Some lyrics and style remind me of Joe Strummer and Bob Dylan, while others have a Kim Gordon, Courtney Love feel. There is a strong Go-betweens influence here, it gives it that  familiar sound that is fills the emotional landscape of your mind.

The album cover is interesting it seems to be urban and cold, they purposely look unsure, unprepared or like they just got out of bed. It’s seems like a pretty nice house in the background, it also has a very structured ‘this is a band photo and I am in a band’ however it is at the same time totally unpretentious.

While listening to this I just excepted that the band was from America, the sound reminded me of an indie band. I think it was the track “this guy”, it made me think of Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth.  I was pretty surprised when I found out they where from Melbourne, it just didn’t seem like a Melbourne ‘sound’ to me.

It feels like the Twerps are just starting out, this album came out in 2011 it’s not new. But this group feels like they are still establishing their sound.

So much music these days gets caught in a certain sound or style and it’s nice to hear this kind of experimentation.

The Twerps are worth your time and they have a permanent place on my playlist.

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