Star Trek- The game


I am not really a ‘trekkie’,  I am however a lover of all things science fiction and that includes Star Trek. I enjoyed very much the last two movies Star Trek and the latest Star Trek: Into the Darkness.

After watching Star Trek: Into the Darkness (the movie) I began to ponder a little about why hasn’t humanity actually gone out and actually you know…explored the universe.

Sure we don’t have a fusion reactor or core or whatever they use, but if we did it would be something like Star Trek and it was with this child like excitement that I got into Star Trek the game.

The game, well the game was sadly not that good. I was genuinely let down by the caliber of this game everything seemed to be pointing to the game being at the very least entertaining but it flopped.

There where some cool novelties in the game, mainly that it used 3D, something that actually worked with my television. I played the entire game in 3D which was a new experience and it gave the game some interesting new aspects like knowing where to head on a 3D plane and knowing exactly where enemies are. But it horribly started to loose its novelty after a few shocking migraine headache episodes and I am unsure if I can endure another whole game in this medium.

The biggest disappointment is the story line, very basically a rip is opened up in space by a machine designed by the Vulcans called the ‘Helios device’, reptilian creatures called ‘ the Gorn’ which trekkies might remember as lizard people in latex suits way back from the original series.

Old Gorn
Old Gorn

The creatures the Gorn begin streaming through this rip in space and proceed to have a party, running around biting anyone they can find. You and your crew are forced to venture into the rip where you go to a Gorn planet, very basically you take on these reptilians and destroy them. There are bosses and very basic cryptic puzzles where you ‘hack’ into Gorn computers to get into rooms.

New Gorn

The odd things in this game is the friendly aliens on the Gorn planet, at first they seem to be fighting the Gorn and it looks like they tried to communicate with you. They have their own weapons and as you work your way through the Gorn defenses you find plenty of the aliens locked up and you never even are able to let one poor alien free. It seemed obvious that you would ally with the aliens to take on the Gorn but that never actually happens and you gleefully blast everything away not even really caring about these poor hapless beings.

The games interface and weapons reminded me of Mass effect but certainly not even close to that level of weapon modification, some of the game play reminded me a little of dead space in style. The weapons are pretty bad, gamers expect much more than this when they get a game.

The game dynamics were shocking, it was one of the worst for bugs I have seen for a long time. I got trapped in this game many, many times. Once again this sort of thing should not happen, so many games these days go to the effort to quality assure that the gaming has no bugs. This game was a step back in time, one that turned back the pages of time to the late 90’s frontier of gaming.

The AI was non existent often the player could just run right up in front of the Gorn unoticed like you had invisible mode on.

However putting all these issues aside I really enjoy a game that funnels me through on a main story line, it kept me coming back for more. I enjoy the satisfying feeling of completing the game like finishing a lengthy novel and it is very hard to dismiss the lovable voice of Spock as he checks everything with his tricorder.

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