The Pharaoh and her concubine – Dream sequence




I just woke up, after having the most vivid dream which I wish to share with WordPress before it is gone forever. I am largely a rational scientific person when it comes to dreams, I take the psychology road in that the chaos of the many inputs into your experience outputs sometimes in dream sequences.

This particular one reminded me of a dream sequence from computer game Assassins creed, or from a scene from Game of Thrones. It was ancient Egypt, this was clear because of our dress, I was in the back of a large carriage that had the outsides covered in muslin shading us from the sun and any others.

I was accompanying a powerful female.

I was not sure of her title, or position but there was defiantly one of fear on my part in this situation. She had power and influence and I did not, I was nervous it seemed that I had to ‘do’ something here and was not sure how it would play out, I had pressure.

She was young about 23, very short tiny and slender her head faced forward without looking at me for a very long time as if I did not exist (yet I was right next to her). Her youth gave the impression of being naive but I seemed in confusion about this, I was scared of looking at her face with a sort of knowledge it was taboo going near the region of her eyes.

Many things rushed through my mind in the back of the carriage, mainly that ‘I just had to get through this trip’ and ‘Whatever you do don’t look her in the eyes’

My role was not clear, I was not a peasant, nor was I of the administrative class, I wasn’t nobility either I seemed to be some form of warrior with some political influence. Thoughts about large groups of people passed my mind, about change and how things could be changed here, did she know this too or not?

Her long slender hand seemed placed in an inviting position, facing towards me. I spent what seemed like forever deciding what to do here, as if knowing this could be the biggest mistake of my life and probably end in death. I placed my hand on top of hers and she retracted her hand in a slow but delicate manner, then seconds later as if she had thought it through she placed her hand back and kept looking forward.

At this point, great possibilities rushed through my mind, real change was possible but also of emotion, the dream came forth very powerfully here. A relationship was being formed, but it was not lurid no sex scenes or eroticism, it was a formation of a alliance and a knowing this was part of her role.

Even knowing this, I was excited full of hope, love and change it was my time to come forward.

The dream ended here in the back of this cart.

On introspection it seemed a very stereotypical historical dream, disappointing even, It seemed to me later when I was awake like she was a Cleopatra figure, and me like Marc Antony the great typical love story in history that’s where a modern brain like mine would go on the topic of ancient Egypt, all that stereotypical imagery from modern sources.

Yet the dream was largely ambiguous, it wasn’t even clear if she was a Pharaoh I was left with the huge emotion of the dream, like the leftover wreckage from tidal wave, also I had some historical insights that I might not normally arrive at. It occurred to me after the dream that a female Pharaoh or Queen like Hatshepsut was able in a way subdue and enamor potential enemies via relationships, rather than form enemies as a male pharaoh might do.

Queen Hatshepsut (18th Dynasty c.1473-1458 BC)

The dream felt epic, much too epic for the normal fodder of dreams, when I woke I was convinced this needed to be shared.

But now I have actually put it down here in WordPress I am not so sure, other peoples dreams can be so boring.


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