You might be wondering ‘why is this page called the twosips chronicles?’

Philosophically speaking this would be the correct thing for you to be concerned with.

The ‘Twosips’ part is my old nickname “Timmy twosips”.

I was first coined this nickname by a friend of mine named Corey who we lovingly refered to as ‘Corsicov’. (Everyone had a nickname in those days.)

Corey was a punk, we all looked up to him. He used to use his sock as a wallet. The nickname had something to do with me leaving two sips in the bottle, or at least that’s how I like to remember it.

Some of my friends prefer to remember me getting drunk after only two sips, the man can’t hold his liquor kind of thing.  Both stories are true.

I live in Newcastle Australia just north of Sydney. Newcastle is a grungy post industrial coal saturated town.

I was an Auto-electrician but became bored and despondent with this chosen path for my life. Slowly but gradually I built enough confidence to become interested in Art and design. I steered myself into a Diploma in Graphic design and  then a Visual communications Degree at Newcastle University.

While at university I was the editor of the paper where I learnt the joy of writing and design.

Check out my design porfolio

I am married have a Cat name Ling Ling and I drive light blue Kia Rio.

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