India Pale Ale Hop Hog


There is something about Hops heavy beer that reminds me of the smell of marijuana or to be specific the bud of marijuana. The aromatics of hops, rain forest ferns and a bowl full of buds are strangely similar.

There is no secret that funky inner city people who love craft beer have been partial to the ganja in their past. More and more craft beers have gotten heavier on the hops and I am wondering if this is a kind of marketing pitch of sorts with the flavour of beer.

This is Brendan Varis head brewer at Feral brewing company, he is obviously fairly young and maybe this explains the more experimental hops flavors.
Brendan Varis head brewer at Feral brewing company.

Beer is a delicate balance of flavours, if you add too much hops you drown out other important beer flavours that give the beer a complexity.

Hops is in no way relaxed it is by far the most overbearing of beer flavours, so in this way if you add too much hops you change the character of beer you create something very un-beer like.

The label design isn’t very sophisticated, the colours look rather lacklustre and on the cheaper side, the image of the pig reminds me of something that has come out of a shooting and hunting magazine.

You may have noticed by now that I am very fickle when it comes to the marketing of the products I buy and the sight of a rampaging bush pig on the label  is one that nearly turned me off getting the beer altogether.

I was interested in this beer and I could see that underneath the hops was the structure of a very nice beer indeed, I am prompted to look more into the Feral Brewing company.

My Wife’s Bitter


The thing that attracted me to this beer, was the label design. I just love it, it reminds me of a sailors tattoo, and it goes well with the name of the beer.

I have mixed feelings about the name, this is how the website put it:

“My Wife’s Bitter? Yes, we’re talking about Peta, Brewmaster Brennan’s wife. And we don’t mean she’s in any way sour, resentful or angry. This beer is Brennan’s gift to her!”

When I showed my wife this beer, she was horrified and we both began to ask questions about the marketing of the Burleigh brewery.

Is because they are from Queensland? Are they actually that witty? Or are they just bogans with a great marketing team? Not sure but the beer itself is certainly worth a review.

This beer has a Newcastle Brown Ale feel to it. It is based on a traditional English bitter but it is a little special in it’s own way. It has something a little spicy a little more enticing, it still has that dullness of an ale while remaining bitter enough to expose the hops. I am not one for the darker ale but I found myself being drawn into the heavier flavours.

The beer doesn’t feel in anyway Queensland in style. Using Queensland’s favorite beer as an example, XXXX bitter is full of bubbles which is super light and has no flavour. XXXX is designed to be thrown down after a hard days work in the stinking Queensland sun.

It probably doesn’t matter so much these days with so many craft breweries popping up all over the place, but it is interesting to note that a heavy cold weather brown ale is coming from Queensland.

My Wifes Bitter

Cerveza Pacifico Clara

images (3)

I am sitting on a beach in Cuba and I have a dozen Cerveza Pacifico empties surrounding me.

It’s a bright blue sky, sweat drips from my forehead,  I have Jazz mambo playing in the background. No it’s winter in Australia, I am in a Mexican themed yuppie takeaway dreaming about Mexico.

Mexico seems so far away for Aussies, it’s not just geographical but a cultural space. Australian culture is so far from Mexico’s that even something simple as a Mexican beer will send us into a dream space. Maybe that explains all the Mexican restaurants popping up in Australia.

Cerveza Pacifico seems to be the Victoria bitter of Mexican beer, it has little flavor. Victoria Bitter has, no excuses…but I don’t know any Mexicans nor have I been to Mexico so I search for other reasons.

Some Latin alcohol has the bass up and the treble down, it prefers the whole palate not the high notes.

The beer is good if you have really really spicy food, it is the perfect washer-down. It serves the same kind of purpose as Guacamole, to cleanse the palate of that spicy hot sting.

The beer is a 50’s travel poster…drink these have a good time don’t think about the flavor.


Is this America’s Cuba in the 50’s, is it rum dairies, Budweiser Latin style. Is Cerveza Pacifico like Fosters? After all it is imported by Fosters.

Nobody in Australia drinks Fosters and it has no flavor or cultural identity in Australia, but outside Australia everyone thinks we are Foster swilling sun loving people.

Is this Cerveza Pacifco Clara, just cardboard cutout a travel poster for Mexico?

Is this all cactus and sombreros, I don’t know, but I went back for another and was surrounded by empties as I contemplated all these things.