Coffee review: Snows Patisserie Marketown


Bean: Peaberry’s Black Betty (staple)

Machine: WEGA

Milk: Dairy Farmers

Froth: Good froth gently and carefully created

Cocoa: Standard evenly spread, no patterns

Cups: Fantastic cup, black outside ceramic and white inside a good size for a decent amount of coffee and comfortable to the hand

Taste: Slight bitter twist, tending towards a mellow rounded flavor but lacking the chocolate edges and delicate palate

Strength: Medium touching on strong

Take away: Large / Medium / Small

Standard cup Price:$4.00

Wait time: 6 / 8 minutes sometimes more

Atmosphere: Not so great, it is in a shopping centre but it is the best coffee (in) the centre and they make a the best croissants in Newcastle


Rating: 1 Silver Star






Saluna Cafe


This cafe on king street is the little sister of the very popular Rolador cafe on Beaumont street. The original Rolador was and still is a trend setter of Newcastle, people line up every Saturday to get some of that amazing coffee.

Rolador was way ahead of itself and it is usually packed out with every arty type in Newcastle. Because Rolador was so ahead of the curve, I really sat up and took notice at Saluna’s especially because of its position.

It is on King street, a tricky spot for cafes and businesses. Many have come and gone from this street it is littered with the scars of past attempts at life.

The model is a little like Rolador, self made alternative furnishings like crates and old electrical wire holders for tables, plywood everything and cheerful interesting hipster staff.

The coffee like Rolador is hands down the best in Newcastle, the food here is a little different and notch above Rolador.


Saluna’s is the sophisticated inner city sister, it’s more laid back in’s own way and once again it’s ahead of the curb. You can tell this cafe is going to work mainly because of all that hard work and experience gained from Rolador.

It’s probably fitting that a cafe like this is just around the corner from the bones and spirit of the Lucky country hotel, it is absorbing all that alternative energy it once abounded in.

This cafe is a sign of Newcastle’s future, people are starting to head back into the inner city and it’s so damn exciting.  Well done Saluna!