Steve Roach, Dirk Serries Low Volume Music 2012



Sometimes ambient music can be a little like having a morphine addiction, you get so drenched in the sounds you can hardly fathom any other kind of music.

You become a ‘user’ of ambient

You literally need an adrenalin shot to wake you out of your trance like state.

It’s also funny how different people approach Ambient ‘New Age’ (as it is sometimes called) like Steve Roach or Brian Eno.

Many see it as music you put on while getting a massage or taking a bath or thinking about dolphins or touching some crystals or whatever.

On this album I can see something momentous has happened in Steve’s music landscape. The album covers no longer looks like some alien plant covered in vomit or a mushroom with stars behind it.

But it is cool grey and calm, the typeface sits well spaced and minimal- it is well designed.

The songs too are well designed and meditative in a different way than previously.  They have lost the bubbling and gurgling of his earlier work.

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea not everyone can take up an addiction like this.

But I totally recommend Steve Roach to anyone wanting to ‘really’ chill out.

Django Django self titled album 2012


This is one of those rare times when I was around to hear this band first being played on triple J and witness people first starting to get into them. When this happens you have a special feeling like you have personally adopted the band and have are in it with them for the long run. The first song I heard of Djangos Djangos is Default, which was flogged at first a little by Triple J probably for good reason because it’s a very catchy but albeit poppy tune. Once you jig and wade your way past Default, the Django django music-scape descends – dreamy beautiful foot tapping melodies, soundtracks to life kind of thing.

Django django are from Scotland but have a Beach boys melody, Beck’s funky dirty country grunge feel, the Dandy Warhol’s zest and a slight touch of Radiohead for good luck.

There is something very 60’s about Django django but in a very approachable way for someone like myself who cannot bring themselves to actually listen to a real beach boy album in fear of having to admit I like the same music as my dad.  I have had a good year to marinate in the experience of Django django and I feel comfortable under the sails of the beautiful melodies that emanate in the general direction of Django Django.